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The Power of Compound Interest


Part 1 of 3: Is your daily coffee costing you $1,000,000?

Average Stock Market Returns

Stock Market

Part 2 of 3: The market looks expensive and due for a correction, is it worth waiting? What does history show about investing at different times.

Homeownership Opportunity Cost


Part 3 of 3: Is buying a home the great investment everyone believes it is?

Target Asset Allocation


Stocks have the best track record, especially in the US. Bonds have limited upside with lots of downside. Gold is the best insurance policy.

Setting up an AWS analytics server and API in minutes

The steps to stand up an AWS server that can be used to host an analytics dashboard and/or a data feed API

Analyzing the S&P 500 with FMP


Financial Modeling Prep (FMP) is a new service that offers a range of financial metrics through an API. Use fmpcloudr to access the data and analyze it in R.

Libertarian Part 1: Socially Liberal

Government is immoral because it violates self-ownership

Libertarian Part 2: Fiscally Conservative

Governments are expensive, inefficient, and distort markets

Libertarian Part 3: The Greatest Failed Experiment

Limited government proved too succssful for its own good

Libertarian Part 4: Moving Forward

Living in a world that feels backwards

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