Intraday includes open, high, low, close, for each time segment. The amount of history available is based on the freq set. Smaller time intervals frequency will pull back less history. Symbol can include equity, mutual fund, index, currency, crypto, or any other symbol that can be found in fmpc_symbols_by_market. Available history is limited by the increment size.

  symbols = "AAPL",
  startDate = Sys.Date() - 30,
  endDate = Sys.Date(),
  freq = c("1min", "5min", "15min", "30min", "1hour")



one or more symbols from the FMP available list that can be found using fmpc_symbols_by_market. A valid API token must be set in order to enable functionality. See documentation for setting a token under fmpc_set_token.


filter start date in yyyy-mm-dd format.


filter end date in yyyy-mm-dd format.


the frequency of which to pull intraday prices. Options can be '1min','5min','15min','30min','1hour'


a data frame of intraday prices


Each symbol is a separate API call. If the API token has monthly limits, this should be considered before making a bulk request


if (FALSE) { # Setting API key to 'demo' allows for AAPL only fmpc_set_token() # Freq of1hour will return about 2 months of data fmpc_price_intraday('AAPL', freq = '5min') # For multiple symbols, set a valid API Token fmpc_set_token('FMPAPIKEY') fmpc_price_intraday(symbols = c('AAPL','MSFT','SPY','^SP500TR','JPYUSD','BTCUSD'), startDate = '2020-01-01', freq = '1hour') }