Pass a valid FMP API Token to enable all other functions

fmpc_set_token(APIToken = "demo", timeBtwnReq = 0.1, noBulkWarn = FALSE)



a valid API Token from FMP Cloud


Time between API calls in seconds. FMP Cloud may limit API call frequency depending on the package subscription. Use this to set a time between API calls. The default is .1 to limit calls to no more than 10 per second.


Boolean of TRUE or FALSE. When making large API calls, an initial warning will be given to make sure the user wants to make bulk requests. If the user has a FREE FMP API a bulk request may be undesirable. Each symbol requested for many functions will be a unique API request. Use this parameter to silence this warning.


In order to use the FMP Cloud API, an account must be created at FMP Cloud. There is a free account option that but sets a cap at 250 calls. There are different subscription levels. To use this package, the free subscription can be used up to the limit.

Please note that most functions will make an individual API call for each symbol passed. If running a function on multiple symbols, be aware this could quickly hit API call limits. When running in an interactive environment, a warning will appear asking to confirm running bulk requests. This can be suppressed for a session using the options. You can also suppress when using the option noBulkWarn = TRUE in this function. When running in a non interactive environment like CRON, the bulk request will be processed without a warning regardless.


if (FALSE) {
# Set the FMP Token. The DEMO token has VERY limited access.
fmpc_set_token('demo', timeBtwnReq = 0, noBulkWarn = TRUE)