Release Notes and News

fmpcloudr 0.1.6

ETF list, analysis for COTS reports Fixed bug related to empty dataframe

fmpcloudr 0.1.5

Adding COTS data pull. Fix tests.

fmpcloudr 0.1.4

Switch maintainer

fmpcloudr 0.1.3

Fix fmpc_symbols_index to default to S&P 500. Fix auto tests

fmpcloudr 0.1.2 1/20/2021

Converted fmpc_symbols_sp500 to fmpc_symbols_index to allow for the pulling of S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones. Commit f25d4e5

fmpcloudr 0.1.1 10/24/2020

Approved by CRAN: 2020-11-03 with commit 3089cbc.

Incorporates CRAN requested changes on URLs in description, exporting fmpc_security_news function, and using on.exit(), in stock screener function to reset options.

fmpcloudr 0.1.0 10/15/2020

Initial release includes access to all API calls provided by FMP Cloud / Financial Modeling Prep.