Pulls End of Day prices, splits, and dividends for a list of symbols. Symbol can include equity, mutual fund, index, currency, crypto, or any other symbol that can be found in fmpc_symbols_by_market.

  symbols = "AAPL",
  startDate = Sys.Date() - 360,
  endDate = Sys.Date()



one or more symbols from the FMP available list that can be found using fmpc_symbols_by_market. A valid API token must be set in order to enable functionality. See documentation for setting a token under fmpc_set_token.


filter start date in yyyy-mm-dd format.


filter end date in yyyy-mm-dd format.


a data frame of pricing, split, and dividend history


Uses functions fmpc_price_history, fmpc_security_dividends, and fmpc_security_splits to aggregate split, dividend, and pricing data into a single data frame. Warnings may be generated that split data or dividend data was not returned. Results will still show in this function if price_history data is available.


Each symbol is THREE separate API calls. If the API token has monthly limits, this should be considered before making a bulk request. Large Symbol requests will also take time because of the buffer time between API calls.


if (FALSE) { # Setting API key to 'demo' allows for AAPL only fmpc_set_token() fmpc_price_history_spldiv('AAPL') # For multiple symbols, set a valid API Token fmpc_set_token('FMPAPIKEY') # Index, currency, and crypto will return data even without splits/divs fmpc_price_history_spldiv(c('AAPL','MSFT','SPY','^SP500TR','JPYUSD','BTCUSD')) }