Shows mutual funds holding a list of symbols provided. Not currently available for ETFs

fmpc_held_by_mfs(symbols = c("AAPL"))



one or more symbols from the FMP available list that can be found using fmpc_symbols_by_market. A valid API token must be set in order to enable functionality. See documentation for setting a token under fmpc_set_token.


data frame of mutual funds holding specified security


This differs from fmpc_holdings_etf which allows a search by ETF to see detail on what the ETF is holding.


if (FALSE) { # Demo can pull AAPL fmpc_set_token() fmpc_held_by_mfs('AAPL') # For multiple symbols, set a valid API Token fmpc_set_token('FMPAPIKEY') fmpc_held_by_mfs(c('AAPL','MSFT','GOOGL')) }