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Exploring Finance

Automated trading and investing using RStudio on AWS


Set up a trading server in minutes. R offers multiple packages that connect to trading APIs. Trading scripts can be deployed and fully automated, for 12 months free and $3 a month thereafter.

Homeownership Opportunity Cost


Part 3 of 3: Is buying a home the great investment everyone believes it is?

Analyzing the US Debt


The US Federal Government has an unsustainable growth in debt. Can it continue longer than most think? When will the US Debt bubble pop?

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Exploring Finance

Shiny Dashboards, R Packages, and analysis exploring topics in personal finance


Compounding tool

Compounding tool allows users to enter different investment amounts at different rates of return to see the affects of compounding. Historical stock market returns are also shown. There is a calculator to compare buying a house versus renting.

US Debt Analysis

US Debt Analysis provides a holistic and historic view of the US Government debt, federal budgets, historic yield curve data, treasury auction data, and Fed data (e.g. money supply and balance sheet).

Gold Silver Analysis

Gold Silver Analysis provides a deep dive into Gold and Silver markets. It looks at Comex data (e.g. delivery, open interest, and options), COTS data, and physical bullion prices.

Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder allows users to back test multiple portfolios and compare historical performance across a range of metrics.

R Packages


etrader is an R package for the ETRADE API, facilitating authentication, trading, account balances, positions, order history, and option chains. A user will need an ETRADE Brokerage account and register for tokens on ETRADE developer app to use etrader.


fmpcloudr is an R package for the FMP Cloud and Financial Modeling Prep API. FMP Cloud provides access to a wide range of financial data such as historical stock prices, 13F, company fundamentals, indexes, crypto, and much more. Create an account to get an API token and explore the fmpcloudr functions to see the capabilities.


rameritrade is an R package for the TD Ameritrade API, facilitating authentication, trading, price requests, account balances, positions, order history, option chains, and more. A user will need a TD Brokerage account and TD Ameritrade developer app to use rameritrade.

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