Enter tickers for real time or delayed quotes returned as a list

td_priceQuote(tickers = c("AAPL", "MSFT"), output = "df", accessToken = NULL)



One or more tickers


indication on whether the data should be returned as a list or df. The default is 'df' for data frame, anything else would be a list.


A valid Access Token must be set using td_auth_accessToken. The most recent Access Token will be used by default unless one is manually passed into the function.


a list or data frame with quote details for each valid ticker submitted


Quotes may be delayed depending on agreement with TD Ameritrade. If the account is set up for real-time quotes then this will return real-time. Otherwise the quotes will be delayed.


if (FALSE) { # Get stored refresh token refreshToken = readRDS('/secure/location/') # generate a new access token accessToken = td_auth_accessToken('consumerKey', refreshToken) # Pass one or more tickers as a vector # accessToken is optional once it is set quoteSPY = td_priceQuote('SPY') quoteList = td_priceQuote(c('GOOG','TSLA'), output = 'list', accessToken) }