Create URL to grant App access to a TD Brokerage account

td_auth_loginURL(consumerKey, callbackURL)



TD generated Consumer key for the registered TD app. Essentially an API key.


User generated Callback URL for the registered TD app


login url to grant app permission to TD Brokerage account


To use the TD Ameritrade API, both a TD Brokerage account and a registered developer app are required. The developer app functions as a middle layer between the brokerage account and the API. A developer app should be registered on the TD Ameritrade Developer site. Once logged in to the developer site, use My Apps to register an application. An App will have a Consumer Key provided by TD that functions as an API key. The Consumer Key is auto generated and can be found under My Apps > Keys. The user must also create a Callback URL. The Callback URL can be anything. The example below assumes the Callback URL is https://myTDapp.

This function will use these two inputs to generate a URL where the user can log in to their standard TD Ameritrade Brokerage Account and grant the application access to the brokerage account, enabling the API. The Authorization Code generated at the end of the log in process will feed into td_auth_refreshToken. For questions, please reference the TD Ameritrade Authentication FAQ or see the examples in the rameritrade readme. If the callback URL uses punctuation, numbers, or an IP (e.g., the output of this function may not work. Please reference the TD documentation to create the appropriate URL.

See also

td_auth_loginURL to generate a login url which leads to an authorization code, td_auth_refreshToken to generate a Refresh Token using an existing Refresh Token or an authorization code with a callback URL when loggin in manually, td_auth_accessToken to generate a new Access Token


if (FALSE) { # Visit the URL generated from the function below to log in to a TD Brokerage account # Once a successful log in is completed the landing page will be a blank page # The full URL of the landing page is the Authorization Code for td_auth_refreshToken loginURL = td_auth_loginURL('https://myTDapp','consumerKey') }