Retrieves a account data for the accounts linked to the Access Token

td_accountData(output = "df", accessToken = NULL)



Use 'df' for a list of 3 data frames containing balances, positions, and orders. Otherwise the data will be returned as a list of lists


A valid Access Token must be set using td_auth_accessToken. The most recent Access Token will be used by default unless one is manually passed into the function.


a list of requested account details


The output will be either a list of three data frames or a list of three lists that contain balances, positions, and orders for TD Ameritrade accounts linked to the access token. For historical orders, see td_orderSearch. The default is for a data frame output which is much cleaner.


if (FALSE) { # Get stored refresh token refreshToken = readRDS('/secure/location/') # Generate a new access token accessToken = td_auth_accessToken(refreshToken, 'consumerKey') # Passing the accessToken is optional. The default will return balances asDF = td_accountData() asList = td_accountData('list',accessToken) }