Step 2 of ETRADE authentication. Use the output from etrd_auth_credentials to generate Request Tokens and a login URL

etrd_auth_login_url(etrade_cred = NULL, sandbox = FALSE, auto_open = TRUE)



The output created from etrd_auth_credentials when a valid ETRADE key and secret have been passed. This entry is not required because the output is saved and retrieved from R options automatically.


ETRADE offers a sandbox environment for validating API calls and responses. If using the sandbox environment, this must be set to TRUE in each function called throughout etrader. ETRADE states "Sandbox responses use stored data that's intended to provide typical responses for basic use cases. So the responses you receive will not contain current data, and may not exactly match your requests in other ways." Essentially, the responses will not match the requests entered but successful pull will indicate whether the entry was valid or not.


indicate whether the browser should open automatically to the login URL


a list of three items: a login URL valid for 5 minutes and two request tokens, a key and secret


Authentication into the ETRADE environment requires a three step process: set ETRADE credentials, generate request tokens to create a login URL, and use the verification code to create access tokens. The output from etrd_auth_credentials needs to be fed into this function to create the URL.

Once the URL is generated it will pop up automatically. Log into the page. If the redirect is to a normal ETRADE landing page, re-paste the URL into the browser. The page header should read: Indicate Terms Agreement. Press "Accept" to generate a 5 digit alpha-numeric Verification Code. The Verification Code will feed into etrd_auth_access_token to generate Access Tokens and complete the authorization process.

See also

etrd_auth_credentials to set the key and secret into an oauth app, etrd_auth_login_url to generate request tokens and create a login URL, etrd_auth_access_token to use the verification code to create access tokens, etrd_auth_manage_token to renew or revoke access tokens


if (FALSE) { # The etrade_cred has been stored into options so does not need to be passed loginURL = etrd_auth_login_url() }